What marketing actually works in childcare?

You will have heard 1000 times different ways to "try" to market your childcare businesses, you may have heard social media is the best way or leaflet drops/posters. But what really is the best way to market your childcare business in 2020?

We work with a large number of childcare providers from all different backgrounds, shapes and sizes so we are really able to highlight the best way forward for providers to gain enquiries and bookings!!!

  • Leaflets = Don't waste your time or money on leaflet drops print media is going out of fashion and there are so many new ways to market your childcare businesses. (£25.00 per Lead with the time dedication)

  • Social Media = Yes! Social media is a great way to "organically" or for free to build-up an audience however, it takes time and dedication to get right. We suggest joining mums groups and partnering with local businesses. (£12.50 per Lead with the time dedication)

  • Facebook Adverts = Although hard to set up Facebook Adverts are by far one of the best channels to achieve results we recommend using a company to do it for you as the return on investment will be so much greater! (£3.50 - £8.00 per Lead with a company) or (£7.00 - £20.00 per lead alone).

  • Google Adverts = There has been a 230% increase in parents searching for childcare in Google over the past 5 years! Get yourself at the top fast with Google Ads... although be careful as it is even harder to get right. (£5.50 - £10.00 per Lead with agency) or (£15.00 - £30.00 per lead alone).

  • SEO = Vital! There is no doubt about it if you achieve top Google Rankings organically "for free" you will be generating a steady enquiry flow and be on the path to success! - You can do it yourself but there is a number of complexities that only web developers can change! (FREE)

So what are your thoughts??? Get in touch with us today to arrange a free 1-hour consultation about how you can up your marketing game today!