Why avoid Website Templates?

“As humans we pay attention to patterns, in fact we seek them out. We expect when we visit a site to find the logo in the top left corner, followed by the navigation in the top right. When we come to a site that breaks these patterns it does one of two things. It either intrigues us, or frustrates us.”

We see every day 10+ childcare providers looking for a new website... many resort to templated designers such as Wix but the benefits of these platforms are minimal.

Oli Gardner, Unbounce:

Buyer beware when it comes to website and landing page templates.

Anyone who’s started a business and needed a website cheaply and quickly – perhaps to get an MVP site live to gather leads for a beta launch, or perhaps you need to rush out a last minute marketing campaign – has probably, at one time or another, purchased or used a template.

You probably bought a WordPress theme from Themeforest, or used a landing page template inside the Unbounce landing page builder.

Templates can be a wonderful way to accelerate delivery, working with the lean practice of done is better than perfect. But, and it’s a big but (not that kind), you need to be very careful when choosing, and implementing a template.

A big problem is that graphic and web designers have never been taught how to design for conversion. They have been taught grid systems, typography, colour theory, and so on. But they haven’t been taught how to focus a visitor’s attention on the goal of the page.

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