Marketing Childcare Businesses

You may already be a childcare provider or looking to start your very first childcare business, you may be an expert at the operational side of the business and focusing on what is most important - the care of the children. But you may find yourself not marketing your childcare business.

If your childcare business doesn’t have an active presence on social media, you’re missing a great opportunity to engage parents and impress potential customers.

Engaging Parents

Referrals are the greatest source of new customers for childcare businesses, but it takes more than average satisfaction to get your customers to recommend you to their friends. You need to keep parents engaged with your business, and social media is a powerful tool for doing so. Parents want to know what their kids are doing all day at your daycare and with social media, you can show them on a regular basis. A strong social media presence creates a sense of community amongst your customers, which goes a long way not only in keeping their business but also in encouraging referrals.

Impressing Potential Customers

Many of your potential customers will look at your social media accounts if they show up in an online search for your business. If you are actively posting, it shows how much you care about your business and the children that you care for. It also gives prospects a better idea of what kind of environment their child would be in under your care compared to a flyer or even to your website, which might not feature consistent updates on activities.

Ideas For Childcare Social Media Posts

  • Videos of activities – sing-alongs, dances, games, crafts… anything that shows the kids in action will be great for parents and prospects alike.

  • Artwork by kids – Post the best drawings and crafts on social media. It makes parents proud and gets kids more excited about making art when they know it could end up on the daycare’s social media page.

  • Event announcements – If your business does special events or outings, social media is a great way to announce them. When prospects find your social media page and see that your business is an active member of the community, it builds your credibility.

  • Craft instructions – Social media platforms that allow you to post a substantial amount of written text (like Facebook) are great for sharing craft instructions so that the kids can take the fun home. Parents will appreciate you sharing activities that they can do with their children at home.

Link Social Posts to Your Website

It’s always a good idea to have your social posts linking through to your website, which ideally has all of the information your potential customers would need to learn more about you or to contact you if interested. Social posts should be the gateway to your business’ website. Extra points if you boost (or sponsor) your social posts to reach more than just your current audience, driving even more traffic to your website!

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