Marketing Calendars!

We always get asked why do we need a marketing calendar????

Aside from organising you key milestones throughout the year and key deadlines, a marketing calendar will show you any gaps in your marketing coverage. You will be able to see days and times you are not posting to Facebook or Instagram, or a time you are not running adverts. But you also will be able to see if there are times when too much content is bunched together... you may want to spread it out.. Using a marketing calendar is the best way to combat these issues.

If you have never used a marketing calendar don't panic!!! It is really easy and straight forward way to plan your year. We suggest starting off with key pinch points you face throughout a year - Lack of Children, Lack of staff... and run a campaign based upon these.. This can be as easy as blocking off a month and dedicated all posts & ads to acquiring new clients.

We have made it as easy as possible for you to get started with a marketing calendar ready for download:

Marketing Calendar 2020
Download XLSX • 23KB