How it all began @ Childcare Marketing!

At the End of 2019 I came up with the idea to try to give free advice and support for childcare providers with marketing!

I created a Facebook page so I could run webinars and give away lot’s of tips and resources. Within the first month we had over 20 childcare providers asking for more support... me being me I tried to give them advice and recommendations whilst still doing my day job and MBA.

At this point, I was days away from closing down the page as I soon realised I was well out of my depth... with 120 unread emails!

However, my MBA module at the time was Adding Value and one of my colleagues said why don’t you charge - In my head this went against my whole ethos and culture of what I envisaged Childcare Marketing to be. But I gave it a go in the first week I gained 22 clients so quit my day job to do something I loved for so many different childcare businesses!

One year on I have a wonderful team of 6 all of which are from Childcare and Marketing backgrounds. Each of us specialise in a particular area meaning the ability to run as effectively as possible.. we all don’t just do our jobs we live the Childcare Marketing Brand!!